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CNS PRO WASH is the best choice for pressure washing in Lexington! We strive to build meaningful relationships with our customers so that you're assured that we know every nuance of your pressure washing needs. You can trust us to keep these details in mind for every routine maintenance appointment that you need.

Once you experience our high-quality pressure washing and unbeatably attentive customer service, we have no doubt that you'll continue to take advantage of our services. Our customers become repeat customers, and we're continuing to build this clientele with the goal of providing our excellent service to all of Lexington. Become a part of our family business by becoming part of our loyal network of satisfied customers.

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As a homeowner, your needs vary depending on the materials that construct your home. Pressure washing needs to be tailored to those needs directly, and here at CNS PRO WASH, we're highly experienced in catering to those specific needs. Whether your property requires soft washing, power washing, or both, we will honor those needs and provide the best care for every material respectively.

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CNS PRO WASH provides pressure washing service to loyal and growing customer networks in many towns in South Carolina. These currently include Aiken, Batesburg-Leesville, Cayce, Columbia, Forest Acres, Lexington, Newberry, North Augusta, Orangeburg, and West Columbia. We take great pride in being able to provide the best service possible for our neighbors in these areas as a local small business from Lexington County!


Being a local small business from the area, we understand where your local business is coming from in reference to your specific societal needs. When you succeed, our community improves, and we're here to help you be as successful as possible by putting your best foot forward with a beautifully, professionally cleaned commercial property. This mission is important to us, and you can trust us to make your commercial property perfectly clean and beautiful to impress your customers and preserve the health and safety of you and your employees.

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So why should you choose our service? Well, we're not a national corporation that isn't concerned with you personally - we're your local small business pressure washer that cares about the quality of service you receive. We're a family business that keeps this community at heart and works hard to make your property the best that it can be for you and the rest of our neighbors that we love.

For pressure washing service in Lexington and all of our neighboring communities, CNS PRO WASH is here for you when you call us at 803-530-7808.

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Siding Washing in Lexington, SC

Siding Washing in Lexington, SC

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Depending on the job, sometimes more powerful cleaning agents are used. We employ soft washing services when these chemicals are damaging to your property. The cleaning agents and methods vary based on the materials that construct your property.

These two reasons alone show why it is so vitally important to trust your pressure washing to a professional service! We know how to handle every material on your property to maintain the structural integrity of each element that we clean and make sure that you never need to deal with or be left with extraneous chemical cleaning agents.

We absolutely love working with commercial clients! When your business thrives, it helps our whole community thrive. Keeping your building and storefront stunningly clean and at the pinnacle of health and safety standards is important to us, and those values show through our work.

Our company has the experience to know how to clean your commercial property in relation to every element that composes it. Many of these services target the preservation and structural integrity of your property - especially our roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, and commercial pressure washing services. Take advantage of our expertise and unmatched customer service by calling us today at 803-530-7808.

Pressure washing uses high-pressure water streams to blast away dirt and grime from materials that require more pressure in order to be adequately cleaned. Soft washing employs the use of low-pressure water streams and gentle cleaning solutions for more delicate structural materials. We take the time to cater our cleaning plan to the specific needs of each element that constructs your property and conduct our services using these methods accordingly.

Deep stains are no match for our pressure washing service! Stains can be caused by wear and tear from natural elements, paint, and other extraneous materials. By using the correct methods and cleaning solutions, our team of experienced professionals will effectively and entirely remove set-in stains from any structural element of your property.


  • Affordable Routine Maintenance

    Pressure washing services are an excellent way to maintain the upkeep of your residential or commercial property. With everything costing more nowadays, it can be an understandable consideration for you to think about skipping one of your semi-annual routine maintenance appointments. However, the long-term effects of […]

  • Beautifully Clean Curb Appeal

    The curb appeal of your business property is vitally important when attracting new customers and in creating a reliable sense of reputation with your repeat clients. Keep your curb appeal beautifully clean by taking advantage of our excellent pressure washing services. You'll show your customers how […]